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Our Values

As a local and family-run, but growing business, we believe we have a duty to uphold certain values and maintain a level of social responsibility in our community. These are the pillars on which Oscar's Group stands and we aim to embody these values throughout every part of our endeavours.


Combatting Marine Pollution

We know that as a business involved in the takeaway sector post-pandemic, we are responsible for large quantities of disposable containers and utensils ending up in landfill, or worse, in the sea. This is why we eliminated all single-use plastics across all of our businesses in 2021. We've now taken this a step further by pledging to ditch all disposables, including single-use plant-based items such as Vegware, as unless commercially composted these can be just as detrimental to the environment as conventional plastics.

We aim to be solely reliant on re-usable containers by 2023.

Inspiring The Next Generation Of Managers

This year we hired more staff than ever before, providing jobs for over 40 people in the past year. We provide training courses to our staff, both internally and externally, and place a specific focus on developing management skills among these mostly local people. Through our fantastic staff education and career-progression initiatives, we have developed and promoted several young people - some of whom have gone on to enjoy management positions elsewhere, and some of whom are still with us honing their craft.


Preserving The Beauty Of Portobello

We believe it's the duty of every local business to play their part in maintaining the beauty of our local area, both for aesthetic and environmental reasons. That's why we run Keep Porty Tidy - an initiative through which we organise a vast team of volunteer litter-pickers to ensure the beach, promenade and local area remain as clean as possible. We pay for co-ordinators and equipment to make all of this possible and regularly host beach clean-ups and events. The work of Keep Porty Tidy has been recognised for its positive impact with an award from Volunteer Edinburgh and personal thanks from The Royal Family.


We can't thank our volunteers enough for doing their bit to protect the environment and keep the town we all share as beautiful as it can be.

Giving Back To The Community That Supports Us

We belong to our community. Our entire management team live in Portobello, Edinburgh - the town where all our businesses are situated - and we would be nowhere without the continued support of those in the local area. That's why we make a real effort to give back at every opportunity.


We sponsor the local youth football club, Portobello Community Football Academy, have donated countless times to nearby charities such as Beach Wheelchairs Portobello and are constantly looking to improve the local area, not only through Keep Porty Tidy, but also in the commissioning of murals and landscaping that serve to make the streets around us a better place to be.

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